Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Chestnut Hanovarian Foals, Only Bay and Black, Black, BLACK!!!

I am so excited BECAUSE I am not particularly fond of Chestnut (solid red) colored horses. I have bred my beautiful Blood Bay and True Black Hanoverian mares to the outstanding FABULEUX. He is quite amazing which is enough in itself. BUT this week I see that he has been DNA tested for coat color and he cannot produce a Chestnut foal. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! So now my odds of getting 1 Bay and 1 Black Fabuleux foal have greatly increased. Fabuleux must be EEAa because he is a dark bay. The "A" makes him a bay. But he has produced black so there is the "a" (if in fact the foal owners are reporting a "true non-fading" black like Finesse.) Now Finesse is the truest black ever but she had a chestnut filly so she is Eeaa. I believe Allianz is EEAA because she has had 5 foals and they have all been bay coloring. She could be hiding a chestnut or solid black recessive in there. We will see next year! Aren't you excited about this?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Indelible Memory 1978

Summer Solstice...the first day of Summer and the moon was full at exactly 5:21 a.m. over Royal Road in El Cajon.

I was at a beach party the afternoon and eve before in Leucadia, California...a house on Neptune Street. A perfect day and party. My friend plotted out the timing of the full moon as many believe there are more babies born at that time.

Sure enough! I awoke that morning, rolled my pregnant whale body over to glance at the digital clock. YICKS! It read exactly 5:21! Before I could blink, I felt my first contraction. The first day of Summer was here.

I had so much to do to get ready. I jumped in the shower and headed out to do the daily chores so they wouldn't be waiting for me after the birth. Shawn was again superman that day with his cape made from a towel. I noticed the f^%$^%$%ing goat was not on her tether. We were in a house high on a hill on Royal Road and that damn goat was a wee goat spot down that road as far as I could see. So there I am chasing down a goat probably 2 hours into labor (I only did 5 hours, mind you). I dragged that damn nanny back up the hill, she showed no mercy on my condition. At that moment I knew that she would be sold very, very soon. I made sure her new name would be Barby Q.

It was pretty soon that midwives arrived and I turned control over to Diane and Barbara. I am not sure where my husband was. A friend, Brent, was assigned to the camera. Thank goodness Greg, Diane's hubby, had camera and film because Brent became such a blubbering idiot that he forgot to put film in the camera. I think this whole birthing process was roughest on him!

It was the PERFECT and GENTLE birth, and I got my blonde haired, blue eyed babygirl.

This is a day I will celebrate into eternity. Thanks, SummerTime for being my girl!


Friday, June 17, 2005

Eye Candy

Eye Candy
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Chocolate, Red Hots and Licorice. My three beautiful Hanoverian mares. Allie (Red) is pregnant with a Fabuleux foal and Finesse (black) will be bred tomorrow to the same sire.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Geeeeesh.... would think that the princess "that I want to be" would have a personal biographer along with a full time house maid. But now that I realize that ain't happenin' I better update my blog. Hmmmmm, horse stories, house updates.....NO, how about diaper stories! Some people may become sorry that they are bugging me about my ever so cool blog. For now, I will leave you with this link. Crank it up and enjoy. As soon as I remember how to get pictures on my blog.....I'LL BE BACK!

I just don't ...........lalalal!!!