Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No Chestnut Hanovarian Foals, Only Bay and Black, Black, BLACK!!!

I am so excited BECAUSE I am not particularly fond of Chestnut (solid red) colored horses. I have bred my beautiful Blood Bay and True Black Hanoverian mares to the outstanding FABULEUX. He is quite amazing which is enough in itself. BUT this week I see that he has been DNA tested for coat color and he cannot produce a Chestnut foal. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! So now my odds of getting 1 Bay and 1 Black Fabuleux foal have greatly increased. Fabuleux must be EEAa because he is a dark bay. The "A" makes him a bay. But he has produced black so there is the "a" (if in fact the foal owners are reporting a "true non-fading" black like Finesse.) Now Finesse is the truest black ever but she had a chestnut filly so she is Eeaa. I believe Allianz is EEAA because she has had 5 foals and they have all been bay coloring. She could be hiding a chestnut or solid black recessive in there. We will see next year! Aren't you excited about this?


At 1:25 AM, Blogger Vicious Summer said...

Whoa! That is almost as exciting as your new canoe!!! =)

At 12:17 AM, Blogger Vicious Summer said...

p.s. You've just been TAGGED!


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