Monday, July 18, 2005

What are Wedding Gifts all About?

Okay, how would you respond to this:

Niece on husbands side is getting married. That is great. She is mid-thirties, never been married. Good for her. She does like the finer things in life. I know that. So, as I would expect, there are two bridal registries that I would be "expected" to use instead of my giving what I would like to give. I can go along with that aweful idea once in a while just to be gracious. So, gracious I go on the way to the bridal shower and see that the most expensive towels in the universe are on the list. So, I go with the towels. I spend another 12 bucks getting the thing wrapped in a way that is definitely not be gracious.

Soon after the shower, I graciously go online to the stupid Macy's bridal registry to get the wedding gift. The china is (as expected) the most expensive in the universe. At this time I am newly unemployed so I pick out a serving bowl. Stupid, expensive bowl and plain ugly. I pay extra for wrapping and shipping and track it to her door. For each gift, I received a thankyou from the bride. All is well. I am done giving the things in a way that I hate to give. I like to be creative and think of the person and give in the way that I give.

The other part that is irking is that the wedding was to take place in Maui so if one chose to go, the travel and lodging would probably total about $3000 - $5000 by the time all is said and done. Newly unemployed, the timing was not good for such an extravagant trip. The part I really didn't care for is that Grandma Dolores was in her last months. This was her only granddaughter. She had been so sick all year that it was never considered that she could travel, thus left out of the celebration. Is this selfish? I am trying to be positive.

So, now (8 months later), my husband, Gary, gets a call from his sister. She is saying how cheap it was that we gave NO gifts to Michelle for her wedding. She said she sort of understood because I was unemployed at the time but it did not look very good that our name was not on the registry list. (Is that rude for the store to give a list of how much everyone spent!) Anyhow, I guess that after 12 years she does not know that I have a different last name than her brother and it is such an odd name that you would think she would have noticed. But what the hell she was looking in the first place is beyond anything I can figure!

Now, what would you say when my sister-in-law calls. I left her a message to do so. I probably should not say what I have said over and over in my head. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE!!! And what is she doing snooping around in her daughters affairs and receipts? I guess she figured (and with such a tackful conversation with her brother) now that I have a new job that she could get me to cough up some money for the long passed wedding.

Please leave all responses here and I will mail my sister-in-law a multiple choice and she can choose how I respond to her wierdness.

OK, I am done venting now.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Vicious Summer said...

That kind of reminds me about the other day when Stefan was sitting in his office talking to a friend and his friend points to Stefans silver-plated post-it holder and he asks "What the hell is that thing". Stefans reply: "That was the gift you gave me for being in your wedding..."

This is what I would tell Gary's sister: "Since you are such an ungrateful bitch, why don't you send back the TWO gifts that we sent your selfish ass daughter"

Just the fact that she even mentioned that she knew you were not working at the time. Perhaps you should have taken out a 2nd mortgage so you could of ALSO purchased the matching serving spoons to go with the stupid bowl you ALREADY bought her. Maybe, just maybe, then you'd be socially acceptable. (Even though you already bought them their stupid "gifts"?)

Has Gary's sister called you back yet? Did she mention that Shawn should have bought her daughter gifts too? It doesn't matter that they've never met, he can afford to so he should buy everything for everyone!

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Shawn said...

You could always stab them.

At 12:21 PM, Blogger Shawnc said...

I vote for Hogie's suggestion. Let me know if you need to borrow a weapon, I have plenty.


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