Monday, February 13, 2006

59 Word Short Story

I was asked to write a couple of 59 word short stories for a contest. What spilled out of my brain in less than 2 minutes each scares me. What is wrong with me?!?!?!

Here is the first:

His tentative demeanor set ablaze a significant genesis of danger.

One knew. Only one heart beat sending waves that impend forth toward tomorrow. The catcher waited, crouched before the end of time that once was known.

Yesterday plucked him skyward though he struggled against the odds. Then all was remarkably apparent. Voiceless wisdom bathed completely what was spoken before.

Here is the second:

He was the antithesis of desire. Yet the window spent light through bodily fluids hanging loosely from his chin.

For a moment, just fragmented time, a full spectrum shown insistently against the vague walls within my mind. There was nothing to know about the situation.

The moment was blessed as I set forth armed with opinion, justified by want.

I think I need a high colonic of the brain.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So sad

My poor little girl child doesn't think it is fair for the government to take so much of her hard earned money. It is a sad reality. People that honestly work so hard and give so much to society should really be given a break as a reward. Hey, who do I ask? Also, if you pay so much shouldn't you be given at least two days free labor from someone sucking off society? I just can't seem to make this make sense and I am the mom and need to explain it to my baby girl. Wa.